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Photos from Shishur Sevay (Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay)'s post

The promised day at the Water Park, a day when the motor impaired children can splash in the water relatively free of gravity. This year the..

12 likes, 3 comments12 hours ago

Andrei Volik has crossed the finish line according to the online tracker. Congratulations!!!! And thank you from Shishur Sevay (Childlife Preserve..

7 likes, 1 comments1 week ago

Timeline Photos

Ganga simply cannot accept that she isn’t going to Boston to see her Andrei Dada run! Monday we will all be cheering, except for Ganga who will..

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Timeline Photos

Dora and her duck doll are pulling ahead! What a race! The girls are really showing Andrei Volik Dada how much they are running with him. Ganga’s..

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Timeline Photos

Our para-mini-marathon to the end of the lane and Bornali is in the lead with Masum gaining on her right. They are running for Andrei Dada who..

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What We Are

  • A home for Life for orphan girls at risk, some having profound disabilities, all living inclusively as a family.
  • An inclusive school, Ichche Dana Learning Center, providing a supportive environment for children with traumatic histories.

What We Are NOT

  • We are not an adoption related home. We are giving the girls a strong Indian upbringing in Kolkata, India.
  • We are NOT affiliated with any religions institutions or beliefs. We maintain the religious and culture practices of their origins, with values of Honesty, Compassion, Integrity, and Generosity.