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Raising the Flag on Independence Day at Shishur Sevay. Everyone laughing in part because the rains started and joined us for the celebration,..

23 likes, 2 comments2 days ago

Tobii Eye Tracker Changing Lives at Shishur Sevay

Shishur Sevay always reaching for the stars, for the night lights that bring voices to the voiceless. Kunal Naik Tobii Dynavox Tobii AB Kaveh..

24 likes, 4 comments3 days ago

Mummy, Let’s take in the poor

INCLUSIVE JOURNEY INTO THE COMMUNITY! – I’ve (MH) posted the Blog post from 2007 “Mummy, Lets take in the poor,” for a reason. Shishur Sevay..

30 likes, 6 comments2 weeks ago

Puja Kumari at Shishur Sevay - A place where a girl’s dream can come true

Puja Kumari at Shishur Sevay – A place where a girl’s dream can come true Puja Kumari, born in a village in West Bengal, dreamed of being an..

12 likes, 5 comments2 weeks ago

With space at Shishur Sevay so limited we ordered a folding InnoFur table for the classroom, through Amazon India. It arrived but when we opened..

15 likes, 3 comments3 weeks ago

What We Are

  • A home for Life for orphan girls at risk, some having profound disabilities, all living inclusively as a family.
  • An inclusive school, Ichche Dana Learning Center, providing a supportive environment for children with traumatic histories.

What We Are NOT

  • We are not an adoption related home. We are giving the girls a strong Indian upbringing in Kolkata, India.
  • We are NOT affiliated with any religions institutions or beliefs. We maintain the religious and culture practices of their origins, with values of Honesty, Compassion, Integrity, and Generosity.