Our Supporters

We are incredibly thankful to all our partners and supporters who have continued to support our journey.

Asha for Education has supported us from the beginning, and when we received our FCRA they began giving us financial support too. In this period we received support from their chapters at Cornell, Delaware and Colorado. We are especially appreciative as we know how hard they work to raise these funds and how committed they are to education in India.

Children’s Hope India, a US based organization is also one of our long time partners and has supported us with funds to keep the project running. Dr. Harrison’s inspiration for Shishur Sevay came partly from her visit to their Prayas Center in 2000.

Friends of Shishur Sevay (FOSS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed in the US. A lot of support comes from FOSS as the organization is approved for tax exemption. The volunteer organization was started and is maintained by Dr. Harrison’s family and friends.

Equal Health is an organization of health professionals from Australia who volunteer their services in many places around the world. A team including a range of professionals including, among others, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and special educators have been visiting us almost every year and providing much needed help and support in seating, feeding, assistive communications and many other fields.

The Ties Program brings Indian adoptees and their families to India to connect with their mother country and places they began their lives. When IMH closed in 2003, there really was no place for adoptees to visit. Shishur Sevay was asked by adoptees to take the gate sign left behind, and we did. Adoptees come to at least see and touch the arch under which they passed as infants and children. Many are thrilled to see Shishur Sevay as they think about the “what ifs” of adoption.

Development Together, based out of Perth, Australia, arranges for volunteering and internship opportunities for people, matching their skills and abilities with the needs of their partners around the world. Our partnership began in 2017 and the first volunteer to come through them was Emily Goulet, who was an excellent match. This is what they had to say after her return “….From talking with Emily, we gathered that this experience was not only positive for the children and staff at Shishur Sevay, but that it has also changed her life in the process. We would like to express our extreme gratitude to all of you, but most especially the children at Shishur Sevay for allowing her to come into your home and your hearts.” Click here to see the certificate of appreciation from them.