We are incredibly thankful to all our partners and supporters, those who have been with us from the beginning and those who have joined us along the way.While Dr. Harrison committed her personal resources, the support of our donors was, and is critical to this idea becoming a reality.

Children’s Hope India, in the US has supported our education program from the beginning.Dr. Harrison and her daughter’s first trip to India in 2000 they were inspired by the work of CHI when they visited Prayas Center in Delhi, one of the programs they funded. Prayas was a shelter for homeless children in Delhi. CHI funded the beginning of Ichche Dana Inclusive School.

Asha for Education, a volunteer run organization in the USA, has advised us from the beginning. When we received our FCRA they gave us financial support for our education program. We have received support from three chapters: CNJ, Cornell, and Colorado. Dr. Harrison and Dr. Purba Rudra were volunteers with Asha before the founding of Shishur Sevay.

Friends of Shishur Sevay (FOSS) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit formed in the US. A lot of support comes from FOSS as the organization is approved for tax exemption. Dr. Harrison is also on the board of FOSS. Since its inception FOSS has been funding care of the children at ShishurSevay.

Vesuvius, India has led their support through their CSR program. The upcoming community free play-school, Children’s Smart Centre has been funded by them.

Success Menswear is a valued supporter of Shishur Sevay through their CSR programs. In 2019 they also chose us for their ‘Spread the warmth’ initiative, creating Fumage art that were to be displayed in their stores and given as gifts to customers and  part of the sales proceeds to go to Shishur Sevay.

BarnenFramförAllt, A Sweden based organization, funded the wheel-chair for Bornali. The chair relieved the pressure of her head on her chest.

Child Help Foundation’s Kolkata chapter contributed towards the care of the children.

Danamojo, our online payment gateway made it easy for our donors (National & International) to donate.They continually offer support us in communicating with our donors.

Development Together, in Perth, Australia, matches the needs of programs with the skills of volunteers. Emily Goulet, first volunteer was a perfect match as she was experienced with the Tobii Eye Tracker. She contributed to a video we made: Tobii Eye Tracker Changing Lives at Shishur Sevay

Equal Health, Australia is an organization of health care professional who volunteer their services in India and other developing countries.
Equal Health, Their mission is: To facilitate Australian volunteers in the provision of free health care for communities in need, regardless of political or religious affiliation; with professionalism, integrity and cultural sensitivity. Different groups of volunteers, including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, Special Educators, opticians and others, led by Nicki Hurwitz, Kristy Tomlinson and, Gillian Hurley have led groups and provided their valuable services and inputs in positioning, feeding, communication teaching in numeracy and literacy.

Sri Sri Gonesh Jew Thakur Trust invited to visit Gonesh Gardens, a Gaushala (cow-shelter), for a sponsored picnic.

Other large organizations who support us are:

Akshara Whispering Willows Welfare Association
Bombay Masonic Benevolent Fund
Corporate Warranties
Holi Group
Kripa Benevolent Trust
LakshmipatSinghania Academy
Madhu Jayanti International Pvt. Ltd. (TE-A-ME)
Small Change
St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous)
TriveniEngiconsPvt. Ltd

Apart from organizations and companies, we had many individual donors, who supported us in many different ways during this period.

Girdhari Lal Agarwal
Manish Agarwala
Shreya Aradhya
Dr. A. Asokan
Partha Banerjee
Vishal Bansal
Deborshi Bhaumik
Mayank Bhutoria
Kumar Mangalam Birla
Biswanath Bose
Debjani Chakraborty
Mousumi Chakraborty
Kingshuk Chattaraj
Saptarshi Chatterjee
R. L. Chauhan
Ajanta Choudhury
Hiranmoy Das
Rupnath Das
Dr.Shiuli Daw
Anupam Daw
Jayita Dey
Kunal Dey
Sourav Dey
Anita Dhar
Lipika Dutta
Anirban Ganguly
Justice Sudhansu Sekhar Ganguly
Chandra Kanta Ghosh
Minu Ghosh

Kristy Goodchild
Lt. Col. Nisa Gopidas
Nageshwar Rao Guntupalli
Arka Gupta
Dipak Gupta
Ritika Gupta
Seema Gupta
Dr. Michelle Harrison
Helen Briavel Holcomb
Brian Hurwitz
Chandrima Jash
Soumajit Mahapatra
Madhan Manohar
Naresh Mehta
Mamata Mistry
Tanushree Mitra
Subhasis Mondal
Saikat Mukherjee
Snehal Mukhopadhyay
Shikha N. Murray
Prabir Kumar Nag
Reshma Nilofer Naha
Abhisek Pal
Aarohi Parakh
G. Parthsarathy
Chandan Patel
Ankur Pravin
Jennifer J. Pride

Gourab Purkait
Rammohan Rao
Debraj Ray
Aparna Ray Sikdar
Peter Reding
BasudebSaha & mutual friends
Kamlesh Amritlal Sampat
Amit Saraf
Prerana Saraf
Ruchika Saraf
Vaskaran Sarcar
Aashna Sehgal
Arpan Sen
Dona Sen
Nirmalya Sen
Sagar Sengupta
Swapnadeep Sengupta
Treena Sengupta
Hemang Shah
VidyutJayantilal Shah
Bharat Sharma
Navneet Kumar Sharma
Chris Silveira
Devlina Sirkar
Pokala V Srikanth
Harish T.V

Amazon Smile Foundation, A percentage of the price of productsbought through Amazon Smile goes to the charity of the buyer’s choice. Over the years Friends of ShishurSevay has received funds through the Amazon Smile Foundation.

World Ties Ltd., based out of the USA, takes adoptees and their adoptive families to their birth countries, to connect with their mothercountry and places they began their lives in. For the last many years adoptees from Kolkata have been visiting ShishurSevay, through the Ties Program.

Dalal Associates CPAs PC, donated funds for house renovations, covering damp walls, upgrading electrical wiring.

Some of our other supporters through FOSS include
Friends of Foster Care India and Network For Good and CVS Caremark.

Dreyfus Charitable Foundation, a grant making foundation based out of the USA, donated funds towards the expenses of ShishurSevay.

We also want to thank:

Susan Andrews
Leela Black
Cherish Bolton
Cil Shaw- Brewer
Erica Brolin
John Chang
Anish Chawla
Ashish Chawla
Milita Das
Suparna Das
Adam DeHart
Rafael Ferrer
Rosalind Forber
Shreya Ghosh

Herman L Grubbs
Dr. Michelle Harrison
Jacalyn Heinl
Scott Horvath
Marilyn Jaffe
Asmaa Jamil
Nayan V Kisnadwala
Judi Kloper
Baiju Krishnan
Anita Kuriakose
Jennifer Michaels
Cheryl Munday
Lynn Nelson

Gaurang Parikh
Sally Pla
Larry Pratt
Mattie Redden
Peter Reding
Paige Seaborg
Manish Shah
Lynda Slayton
Katrina Soohoo
Monica C Sullivan
Rani Weatherby
Sherry Weatherby
Andrew Winter bottom

Andrei Volik ran the Boston Marathon to raise funds for ShishurSevay. While Andrei dada ran in Boston, the girls at Shishur Sevay ran a mini-marathon in the lane. Even Dora the Explorer joined the race.
Nayan Kishnadwala reached out to friends to help us tile the walls and bury electrical lines.
John Marshall was with us for just a day. Then he left and within day had found a donor for Masum’s urgently needed wheelchair and funding for removal of the asbestos roof and replace it with one more to the liking of the local cat.