The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of a Registered Society carries the responsibility for the policies, direction, and carrying out of the missions of the organization. We have:

Dr. Michelle Harrison, Founder and Secretary of the Board

Dr. Harrison’s first priority is always the children, believing if we don’t put them first, we have no reason to exist. Her next priority is to develop a strong infrastructure so Shishur Sevay can meet the lifetime needs of the children with disabilities. Dr. Harrison lives at Shishur Sevay, with the children.

Dr. Harrison began her career in rural South Carolina as part of President Lyndon Jhonson’s war on Poverty. It was a program that included sanitation, nursing care, medical and dental care. She believes healthcare must be accessible to all, independent of economics.
Her medical career spanning 35 years included psychiatry, family medicine and OB-GYN. Her books are A Woman in Residence. Self Help for Premenstrual Syndrome and The Preteen’s First Book About Love, Sex, and AIDS. She has taught at Harvard, Rutgers, University of Pittsburgh. She has authored academic papers and magazine articles. Her Op-ed pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Chicago Sun Times.

Six years with Johnson & Johnson Corporate, first as worldwide Director of Medical Affairs in Consumer, and then as Executive Director of Johnson & Johnson Institute for Children gave her the skills and experience needed to plan, develop and lead Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay.
Dr. Harrison serves as the Secretary of the Board. She also functions as the government appointed Superintendent, and the Director reporting to the Board. She is not paid for any of her roles at Shishur Sevay.

Staff Full Time

Staff Part Time

Childcare Workers

We have an outstanding group of six women childcare workers who are trained in special skills needed for care of children with disabilities to give our children the best possible care.

Outsourced Services

Security: Security is outsourced with two guards splitting night and day 24/7.
Website: Dreamz Interactive, owned by Somnath Dutta maintains websites and internet accounts.