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“Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay was founded in 2006 as a model of inclusive, non-institutional care for lost and abandoned girls, some with disabilities, all having been rejected for adoption. Shishur Sevay is showing what CAN be done. Fourteen years later, Shishur Sevay is spreading its wings. Now we are opening Children’s Smart Centre in our community, a free inclusive play school with activity-based learning for underprivileged children to prepare them for schooling. Our girls, including the ones with disabilities, will be teaching.”
-Dr. Michelle Harrison, Founder and Secretary

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  • We did what we’d been told couldn’t be done.
  • Children expected not to survive are thriving twelve years later.
  • Advanced eye tracking technology gives voice to those who cannot speak.
  • Girls judged beyond hope are transforming the directions of their lives and becoming leaders.
  • Girls on the way to help the children in the community through teaching.
  • We took orphan children those who had no connection with family or community, some with disabilities who were languishing in the government institutes.
  • We created a safe innovative and inclusive environment for health, education, culture, and quality of life.
  • We invested in the advanced communication technology, like the Tobii Eye Tracker so our silent children could communicate with us and us with them.
  • We wanted to show what could be done because systems cannot change unless people know what is possible. Our “Best Practices” presents a model that is scalable and replicable and presents a way forward in the crisis over children desperately in need of care. Simple survival is not enough.

Dr. Michelle Harrison – The Founder Dr. Harrison began her career in rural South Carolina as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. It was a program that included sanitation, nursing care, medical, and dental care. She believes healthcare must be accessible to all, independent of economics. Her medical career spanning 35 years included psychiatry, family medicine and OB-GYN. Her books are A Woman in Residence, Self Help for Premenstrual Syndrome and The Preteen’s First Book about Love, Sex, and AIDS. She has taught at Harvard, Rutgers, and University of Pittsburgh. She has authored academic papers and magazine articles. Her Op-ed pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Chicago Sun Times. Six years with Johnson & Johnson Corporate, first as Worldwide Director of Medical Affairs in Consumer, and then as Executive Director of the Johnson & Johnson Institute for Children gave her the skills and experience needed to plan, develop and lead Childlife Preserve ShishurSevay.

Seema Gupta – Vice President Mrs. Seema Gupta is a retired Joint Registrar of the Calcutta High Court. She is a long-time resident of our local community. She has been with ShishurSevay since the beginning and she continues to teach Bengali in the early morning to the girls. She is often the face of ShishurSevay in the community and with our regulatory bodies.

Dr.Purba Rudra – Academic Director Rutgers University, Ph.D. Geography; Jawaharlal Nehru University: M.Phil, Geography. Dr.Rudra oversees Ichche Dana Learning Centre and teaches the abled and those with disabilities. Her interest and commitment is in finding ways of teaching to children whose early deprivation continue to impact on their education. She has taken a leadership in our advance technology and specialized learning techniques for children with learning difficulties, using Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment and Search and Teach, having undergone training sessions conducted by Alpha to Omega in Chennai.

Jayita Dey - Member Jayita Dey has over two decades of experience in the IT industry, working with customers in India, Europe and the USA. Presently she provides consultancy in CMMi, PMP and Agile practices. She assists Shishur Sevay in its IT and social media functions.

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