The first 12 girls arrived with severe acute and chronic illnesses, active malaria, major skin eruptions, scabies, severe malnutrition, seizures, growth retardation, bleeding gums and oral decay, as well as profound and multiple disabilities (some we were told were not expected to survive). Mentally, they suffered from the cognitive and behavioral effects of social deprivation, violence, sexual abuse, and abandonment.

We continue to provide:

  • Sanitation, hygienic food and nutrition, and laundry everyday
  • Doctors available for regular check-ups and consultation
  • 24*7 emergency medical care and transport to the nearest hospital
  • Hospitalization in private, multi-specialty health centres
  • Professional supervised feeding, cleaning, and bathing by skilled staff
  • In-house pharmacy for emergency and day-to-day medication
  • Maintenance of the children’s medical records
  • Provision of enabling equipment like wheelchairs, leg braces, walkers, and standing boxes.

All medical cost are borne by the Home