What We Do

The Idea – De-institutionalization of orphan and disabled children and creation of inclusive family style group homes. Shishur Sevay is the best practices model of inclusive non-institutional care for lost and abandoned girls, some with profound disabilities, all of whom had already been rejected for adoption. Various studies have suggested between 2-4 lakhs children in India are living in institutions. As these children have no families or connections, Shishur Sevay is responsible for all the costs of raising and educating the girls as well as the enormous expenses required to provide needed medical care, hospitalizations, and rehabilitation of the children with disabilities.
14 years later, Shishur Sevay is spreading its wings. Now we are opening Children’s Smart Centre in our community, a free inclusive play school with activity-based learning for underprivileged children to prepare them for schooling. Our girls, including the ones with disabilities, will be teaching.

Hierarchy of Solution for Children in Need of Care and Protection

When all else fails, Shishur Sevay is the last stop before institutionalization
For children with disabilities, it is often the only chance they have for a normal life with others

Three major questions formed the basis of ShishurSevay’s plan for their futures:

  1. Who are these children languishing in government institutions?
  2. What do they need in order to thrive, not just survive, and to move from hopelessness to hope?
  3. Can we meet these needs?