Inclusive Education

Ichche Dana (In-house)

Ichche Dana, in house school is continually changing based on the needs of our children and young adults.

The Genesis:
“The emotional abuse by teachers threatened to break their spirits”.
Ichche Dana Inclusive School was formed within ShishurSevay in 2013. After six years of outside schools, Dr. Michelle Harrison found that the social exclusion and the constant demeaning and belittling of the girls was impeding their learning and negatively affecting their confidence and mental states. She was determined that they be educated in a safe environment where their knowledge, curiosity, and sense of confidence would grow. She also hoped that they would again embrace their futures. Building on ShishurSevay’s experience of inclusive living, Ichche Dana became an inclusive school where children with disabilities are a part of the learning environment, at whatever level possible for each child. Within the next year it will be taking its inclusive educational program into the community.

  • Objective
  • Method
  • To help each child reach her potential in a safe, encouraging, creative, curious, joyful, and optimistic environment.
  • To prepare them to be independent, able to earn, and able to have a family of their own if they chose.
  • To focus on life skills and alternate future paths for those who cannot live on their own.
  • Develop Individualized Education Plans considering strengths and weaknesses in the context of early deprivation, abandonment, and violence in their early lives, and then plan accordingly.
  • Institute teacher training in learning difficulties and methods of teaching as well as work with experts in the field as necessary.
  • Provide a safe inclusive learning environment based on reasoning, individualized teaching, goal setting, and envisioning one’s future.
  • Develop basic literacy and number understanding that enables lifetime learning.
  • Create access to academic, vocational, the arts, and life-skills learning using a functional and flexible curriculum with guidance from experts in their fields.
  • Utilize project based learning and take the students on field trips to increase understanding.
  • Have girls learning while also teaching weaker students, thus improving understanding by both.
  • Ensure the computer skills learnt are relevant in today's world.
  • Use outside expertise as coaching centres in preparation for Board Examinations
  • Use Tobii Eye Tracker to help girls with severe disabilities to communicate via computer.

Ichche Dana was the first customer of Tobii in India. Now, we have two Eye Trackers for some of our students to use.

Ichche Dana Inclusive School is bringing its activity based learning and inclusion into the community by creating a small inclusive play school at no cost to 2-4 year-olds.