The Future of Shishur Sevay

Shishur Sevay Inclusive Home

  1. Shishur Sevay has achieved what was intended, to be a model of an inclusive non-institutional home for orphan children, some with disabilities, all previously rejected for adoption. Models are created so others may replicate it in order to serve the same purposes but on a broader scale.
  2. Shishur Sevay must also become a Home for Life for those children who cannot be on their own, due to physical disabilities, emotional needs, or evelopmental limitations. We envision Shishur Sevay becoming an inclusive inter-generational home with education, rehabilitation, recreation, meaningful work and sense
    of community.
  3. The Ichche Dana Inclusive School and The Tuni Harrison Center for Research, Training, and Advocacy reflect a broardening of the scope of what we are learning and implementing, and how we become a center for understanding inclusion in its broadest sense and practice.

Ichche Dana Inclusive School

  • Model of inclusive education to develop teaching methods that are adaptive and accommodating to children who are differently abled and who have also sustained severe violence and disruption in their lives.
  • Based on individual needs.
  • Based on practical needs and methods of addressing multiple levels of learning.
  • Use of advanced technology in communication.
  • Project based learning across subjects.

Tuni Harrison Center for Research, Traning and Advocacy

  • Research and develop materials related to inclusion in living, education, arts and dance.
  • Develop the blueprints for scalable models adapted to specifics of a community.
  • Research and writing specifically related to the girl child, girls and disability, and protection of girls and women.
  • Conduct workshops for parents and teachers related to inclusive education and living
  • Become a training site on inclusion for Universities.