The Board

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of a Registered Society carries the responsibility for the policies, direction, and carrying out of the missions of the organization. We have:

Dr. Michelle Harrison, Founder and Secretary of the Board

Dr. Harrison’s first priority is always the children, believing if we don’t put them first, we have no reason to exist. Her next priority is to develop a strong infrastructure so Shishur Sevay can meet the lifetime needs of the children with disabilities. Dr. Harrison lives at Shishur Sevay, with the children. Read More

Justice S. S. Ganguly (Retd.)
President of the Board

Justice Ganguly is a retired judge of Kolkata High Court. He is the President of the Board and presides over board meetings.

Seema Gupta
Vice President of the Board

Seema Gupta is the Vice President of the Board and acts as President in his absence. She retired as Joint Registrar of the Calcutta High Court and has taken on a greater role at Shishur Sevay. She is strengthening our regulatory filings and licenses. But her priority is with the children. She also teaches the children Bengali.

Dr. Purba Rudra

Rutgers University, PhD Geography; Jawaharlal Nehru University: MPhil, Geography. Dr. Rudra joined Shishur Sevay in November 2011. As the Academic Director, she oversees Ichche Dana Inclusive School and teaches the abled and those with disabilities. Dr. Rudra’s main focus is in empowering the girls, building academic skills and self-confidence. She is also managing the advanced assistive communication technology and teaching Tobii. She also serves as the treasurer.

Shanti Devi
Founding Member of the Board

Shanti Devi is one of our founding board members. Her priority is working with the children with disabilities. She has a special relationship and devotion to them. She comes at 6 am, six days a week to do exercise, massage, yoga and communicate with them. She is also an operation theatre supervisor at a nursing home. Much of the development of the children with disabilities is due to her consistent and committed care, and her love.

Jayita Dey

Jayita Dey has over two decades of experience in the IT industry, working with customers in India, Europe and the USA. Presently she provides consultancy in CMMi, PMP and Agile practices. She assists Shishur Sevay in its IT and social media functions.

Ian Anand Forber-Pratt

Ian is currently the Director of Global Advocacy at Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI). He has vast experience in the global child care network. He is also an adoptee from Kolkata and has been a part of Shishur Sevay from the beginning.

Ms. Cecilia Devyani Harrison
Founding Member of the Board

Cici is a founding member of Shishur Sevay, born in Kolkata, and has a background in South Asian Studies. She is a Systems Associate at Fully (formerly Ergo Depot) in the US and is a recognized drummer.