Shishur Sevay’s Dance Drama


We are immersed in preparation for a dance drama we will be putting on 1st May. at CLT in Dhakuria, where we will be performing as part of a Tagore celebration.

The story is based on a mythical story Dr. Harrison wrote in 2004, and the pictures screened in the background are of one of our girls at Shishur Sevay.

When we projected the picture yesterday a children’s group was on stage waiting for a rehearsal and they loved playing with the image that was projected behind them.

Our girls with disabilities are no longer the “little ones” who can be easily carried, and so we have adjusted for that too. Bornali will make her debut in her walker and Ganga will be in her new harness but two of our massis will be making their debut too as they support her. In fact we have had to enlist all the massis and they are loving it. Our girls are making the costumes.

We have made a Program to give out at the performance, just a bifold, but the center has the artwork that is projected on the back of the stage during the dance. What we are doing is different from how dance drama is done here, which is usually to narration. But we have the music and songs of Tagore, because in his work we can find all emotions!