Photo report from Johannes Berrens: The New Intern

About me:

I guess I have to introduce myself first. My name is Johannes Berrens, and I am a student of English literatures and cultures and Theology, from Germany. For my studies it is obligatory to stay one semester abroad in an English speaking country. Instead of going to a college or university I decided to do something different. . .something meaningful. I am so happy that I was granted the opportunity to spend my time at Shishur Sevay and to share what life is like here.


Presentation-GangaTwice a month the girls prepare a presentation on various topics they had talked about in class or about something they have experienced.Presentation 1To do so, they use different assistive equipment, for example the Tobii Eye Tracker or iPads.Presentation 2

While one is conducting a presentation, the others are listening carefully and watch the pictures projected onto a screen.

Ganga and Michelle

Michelle and Ganga 1Michelle and Ganga 2Michelle and Ganga 3Ganga and Michelle practicing with the Tobii Eye Tracker. You just have to look at the pictures to see how intense the relationship between the two is.

Dance competition

Dance competition 2On the 29th of September one of the girls took part in a dance competition at Rabindra Sadan. In the end she made the third with her group.

Durga Puja

Puja-DecorationsDurga Puja is the most important festival for the Hindus in Kolkata. All over the city local community clubs collect donations to build impressive pandals for the goddess Durga. In addition to that, the streets are decorated with lights. Of course we went with the girls to see the pandals around Shishur Sevay.


Community lunch given by local community club

A local community invited us over for a community lunch. The rain, that just started after we left Shishur Sevay couldn’t stop us, and especially our youngest actually enjoyed the rain, and got really wet, but Michelle’s Saree happens to be a good towel.

 South City Mall

Visiting South City Mall was a great treatment for the Durga Puja Festival. It appears that the escalator was a real adventure and great fun. Some went to a movie and some enjoyed themselves on an indoor playground.

Ma Durga Baran ceremony

Just after Puja this ceremony is held. People then go up the stage of the pendals to worship the gods. It was great to see the disabled ones getting the chance to experience this by the help their sisters carrying them up the stairs.