Life at Shishur Sevay Activity Report April – June 2019


  • One of the girls appeared for two more subjects of the National Institute for Open Schooling (NIOS) Secondary level exams. The results came out in June and she cleared both the subjects, completing grade Ten. This will enable her to prepare for the 11-12 exams. This really is her first gateway to higher education in India.
  • Some of the girls are spending more time in the office, learning some of the work and assisting the staff there.
  • On Bengali New Year Dr. Harrison had taken children to a local park and the guards there had objected to and argued about having the children in wheelchairs in the park.
    Dr. Harrison and Board Vice-President, Seema Gupta visited the local Councillor’s office to talk about the incident. The guard was present there as well. The Councillor was supportive. He told the guard to let our children in and also tell the guard at the other local park to let us take the children in wheelchairs.
  • We had a fire extinguisher drill, to review with children and staff how to use them.
    We also refilled the ones that had crossed the expiry dates.


  • Six girls took the blue belt test and youngest one took the upper orange belt test. They all passed, with two also receiving the higher upper blue belt.
  • One of the girls cleared her senior year of dance at Mamata Shankar’s Udayan Kala Kendra and was selected to the advanced program. Only five from her whole batch were selected. Apart from learning at an advanced level she is assisting in teaching the junior classes there.
  • Masum’s new wheelchair, the funding for which was arranged by John Marshall, arrived and was fitted for her. There was a visible change in her after she was placed in it- relaxed and her head held in place. In her earlier chair her head would often flop down, affecting posture and her breathing as well, which is why this chair was so necessary.
  • New Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFOs) and AFOs were custom made for two of the children. We will be getting them made for others as well.

Ganga in the walker wearing her new KAFOs

  • Two of the girls attended a three-day art and craft workshop organised at the art teacher’s academy. Ganga had indicated, through tobii, her wish to go to the workshop as well. She accompanied them on the first day. The teacher was amazed at her interest and attentiveness.
  • AGM was held on 30th May 2019


  • Two of the girls went for a paper mask making workshop.
  • Two students from Lakshmipath Singhania Academy, Akhilesh Jhawar and Ananya Khemka, started volunteering here as a part of their 10th grade requirement of a SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action) project, an endeavour by the CBSE Board.
  • Dr. Harrison was featured as one of the Times of India Women Heroes. Here is the link to the article. She was felicitated on the 9th along with the other women heroes

Dr. Harrison with the famous dancer Tanushree Shankar, at the ceremony.

  • Our trip to the water park had to be cancelled because of the weather, so with the bus already arranged they went to South City Mall, played at Timezone and had lunch in the food court.

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