Future Visions Today

11401196_965899220097153_510094026690617115_nWe are so proud of our girls and how far they have come by now. Two of our girls have started training to become assistive teachers for children with disabilities at Kolkata Anubhuti. We have been planning a certificate course in caring for children with disabilities and are now able to start it together with Anubhuti.We are incredibly proud of how much they have learned and developed over the years, and proud that the
y have visions for their futures.

Anubhuti is a school for children with disabilities and its founder Gopa Mukherjee is working together with Shishur Sevay as a consultant for special education. Furthermore Rani, who is severely autistic, is enrolled at this small school.

Here they are on their first day of duty and for Rani, her first day of school.
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In the meantime two more girls of Shishur Sevay joint the group and we have now three girls enrolled as students and two more as trainees to become assistive teachers for children with disabilities.