Explaining Dr. Harrison

The year was 1999, and I had been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  I carried on a conversation with God, over and over again.

“God, I know I may die and I accept this.  But why are you taking me?  I still have so much work to do!”

2006: Adding a Classroom

It wasn’t a bargain, but a statement.  I have work to do.  At the time I really had no idea what that work was, except that I had some idea it was going to be abroad, and I was going to be taking care of people in need.  By 2005 I had envisioned a home for orphan girls.  I sold my home in the US, hugged my wonderful daughters, and came to Kolkata to establish an NGO, Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay, and it’s home, Shishur Sevay. There was a lot of work to be done before the children came.

Eight years later Shishur Sevay is home to 13 orphaned girls, some with profound disabilities.  We live inclusively, a really normal way of living, the children connected by bonds of love, a family.


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