The use of technology

Ganga, has been a determined learner since she arrived in 2007 at age 4 weighing 8kg. She works now with a special keyboard and has just begun training on the Tobii eye tracker from Sweden. Shishur Sevay is the only facility in Kolkata with this technology. Recently she did her first class presentation using Tobii. This is a link to a video of her using Tobii for the presentation youtube Please also see the attached write up (Ganga speaks with her eyes) on her using Tobii and communicator software to speak.

Flexibility in integrating vocational and academic learning. From the beginning, one of our girls used to draw for hours and hours. Her attention to academic work was erratic. She coped with painful memories which she rarely wanted to discuss. But drawing was where she was happy, and had dreams of becoming an artist. Two years ago we brought in a recognized artist to work with her three days a week and give her some of what she would have in an art academy. At the same time she is part of Ichche Dana classes and activities so her basic skills are improving. Our longer term plan for her will be for the NIOS certification in Arts. But first, she is learning her art and gaining self confidence. These are portraits she did for our Tagore- Nazrul function.

The girls or also studying sewing. The Equal Health team of educators also brought us two sewing machines. All of this is while continuing with literacy and basic skills education.