The Future Of Shishur Sevay

Shishur Sevay has potential for leadership even beyond creation of this model of care for the orphan girls. The Founders foresaw broad and powerful possibilities to create social change. The Registered Society therefore listed the following in the Memorandum of Association:

  • A model of care of orphans as an alternative to institutionalization. -Home, food, shelter, primary education, primary health care and vocational training for orphan children.
  • A non-formal school to educate orphans and destitute children.
  • Services for orphans and abused and destitute children, irrespective of religion, caste or class.
  • Educational, financial and other support necessary for orphan children in institutions and in community.
  • Meetings, workshops, tours, cultural programs, conference seminars, etc.
  • Prepare and publish articles, booklets, journals, newsletters, bulletins, posters, web pages etc.
  • Conduct research studies and create video documentation to raise public awareness on social, cultural and developmental issues.
  • Assist in relief work and aide for the benefit of the victims of natural and man-made disasters.
  • Services, homes, education and rehabilitation for destitute and abused women.
  • Services, homes and health care for poor and destitute old people.
  • Projects for social, economic and cultural development of the disadvantaged.
  • Establishing human rights of the individuals, children, the weaker sections and the minority communities of the society.
  • Legal aid support and build awareness on human rights of children, women, handicapped, destitute and minority communities.
  • Training on social awareness of women, children, aged, handicapped, destitute and other minority communities.
  • Collaborate and co-operate with international and national agencies working for the economic and social improvement of children, women, handicapped, aged, destitute and other minority communities.

All this will depend on attracting a dynamic group of people leading from the front. Presently, the focus is on trying to get the girls a strong foothold in society, giving them the skills and confidence they need to make it on their own. The hope for the future is that these girls will grow up and join leadership positions in this organisation and others. Shishur Sevay is expected to expand its scope in some of the directions that are already an integral part of the founding of this organisation. We hope that young and driven people will join the organisation to build on it’s current strengths and broaden its effectiveness in creating social change.
As the organisation grows, so does its credibility as an alternative to an institutional model of care for orphans. Dr. Harrison and some of the girls are already involved in advocacy for orphan and disabled children. Shishur Sevay is also trying to identify other resources for care of orphans and children with disabilities.