The first meetings took place to discuss creating a model of non-institutional care for orphaned children. as they are the ones housed in government institutions. Dr. Harrison had been involved in the deinstitutionalisation of mental hospitals in New York in the late 1960s and the subsequent creation of group homes. This is the model she brought to India after hearing over and over again “Nothing can be done.”


On 14 June 2006. Childlife Preserve ” Shishur Sevay was granted its Certificate of Registration of Societies under the West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961. No. Si 1 1../37263 of 2006-2007. Housing was arranged in anticipation of the arrival of children


Shishur Sevay was licensed by the Directorate of Social Welfare. Government of West Bengal in January 2007. and has been regularly inspected and licensed since then. In February twelve girls were transferred from Sukanya Home for Care and and Rehabilitation by order of the West Bengal Child Welfare Committee. Their ages varied from 18 month to 11 years. The four youngest had profound disabilities. Shishur Sevay received the certificate for tax exemption under section 80G(5)(vi) of the IT act of 1961. and was registered under section 12AA of the Income Tac Act. 1961.


Shishur Sevay received its Foreign Contribution Regulation Act or FCRA. 1976. registration permitting foreign donations.


The roof over the classroom was enclosed with glass creating a room used to house female interns. It also serves as an office.


Friends of Shishur Sevay was established in the U.S. as a non profit 501 (c )(3), permitting tax deduction by U.S. donors.


The Ichche Dana Inclusive School was created to meet the emotional and academic needs of the children of Shishur Sevay. The ground floor of Shishur Sevay was made fully accessible with ramps. grab bars in bathrooms. and non-slip- tiles being installed outside.


The Inclusion Center was started. The purpose for this Center, meant for Research, Training, and Advocacy, is to identify, document and build upon the learnings, strategies and practices that have made Shishur Sevay the successful model it is so this work can be replicated by others.


Shishur Sevay received the 2016 GuideStar India Transparency Award for financial transparency.


Shishur Sevay received the 2017 GuideStar India Gold Seal. after having gone through the due diligence process for transparency and public accountability.


Shishur Sevay received the 2018 GuideStar India Gold Seal for financial transparency.