Founding Principles

The founders of Shishur Sevay established these principles for the care of our children:

  • We shall provide a safe, nurturing, healthy, educational and culturally rich environment.
  • We shall develop each child’s education and opportunities in ways that build competence, confidence, and independence.
  • We shall teach our children respect for others, irrespective of job category, caste, religion, skin colour, gender and age.
  • We shall teach our children to be responsible and contributing members of the community, and to participate in the care of those less fortunate.
  • We shall teach our children to respect and protect our environment.
  • We shall give our children a strong foundation in Bengali language,culture, and history, so they may be literate, contributory, and respected members of Indian society.
  • We shall remain Bengali-language-based, but will teach English and Hindi languages so as to improve their opportunities for participation, work, and education in the global community.
  • We shall have fun with our children and share our lives with them!