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Inclusive Dance Performance at Jadavpur University

Inclusive Dance and Movement

It was always a dream at Shishur Sevay to have a program of dance in which the children with disabilities could fully participate and dance with their sisters. On February 21st, 2014 the Shishur Sevay Inclusive Dance Team performed at the closing ceremony of a theatre competition at Jadavpur University, where they received a standing ovation. Here’re the YouTube links to the performance:



The Shishur Sevay Inclusive Dance team performing at the closing ceremony of Uttaran 2014 at JU

The audience began to clap to the music and the girls received a standing ovation.

Three times a week the girls dance in our Dance and Movement program. The five older girls also study at Mamata Shankar’s Dance Academy. This year for their yearly performance they choreographed their own dance that featured each doing a different style. They are learning dance in the style of Uday Shankar, which is a fusion of East and West. To help them understand, we showed You Tube videos of Uday Shankar and studied the origins of this style of dance.

This is how they looked:

Twice a week the girls have tabla classes.

Six mornings a week they have harmonium and voice practice and singing from 6:30-8 am as they also take turns helping with feeding, toileting, and bathing the ones who can’t do it. The frequency of these classes is a reflection of the seriousness of these modalities, rather than their simply being activities. For the children with the most profound disabilities, the music and people enrich their daily lives, even in the times they cannot participate.

At present only the girls living at Shishur Sevay are in the school, but this is a scalable prototype and we hope that in the future more children would benefit from this.